About us


Worked as Shanghai Telecom installer in 2008
Engaged in regional management in 2000
Engaged in technical director, operation and maintenance management, and engineering supervision in 2011
Engaged in domestic Taobao product sales and equipment maintenance in 2013
Established in 2015 Hubei Waterdrop Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Created the trademark LANGZHI WD-LINK in 2015
Mainly produces fiber optic equipment, fiber optic accessories, optical splitters, fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic connectors, switches, routers, transceivers, serial port servers
In May 2018, the official website of AliExpress was opened

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Factory Photo

Product quality is our aim 

Customer satisfaction is our eternal purpose.

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Tony Fred,首席执行官

创始人兼首席远见者托尼是公司背后的推动力。他喜欢 通过参与软件、营销和客户体验策略的开发 来保持忙碌。

Mich Stark,首席运营官

Mich 喜欢接受挑战。凭借在软件行业担任商务总监的多年经验,Mich 帮助公司取得了今天的成就。米奇是最聪明的人之一。

Aline Turner,首席技术官

艾琳是生活中的标志性人物之一,他们可以说自己热爱自己的工作。她指导了 100 多名内部开发人员,并负责管理由数千名开发人员组成的社区。

Iris Joe,首席财务官

Iris 凭借她的国际经验,帮助我们轻松理解这些数字并加以改进。她决心推动成功,并以她的专业敏锐度将公司提升到一个新的水平。